Our story

We speak your language, the way you sell b2b

After years on the corporate-side of Fortune 500, SMBs, and startup tech companies, we repeatedly saw the same need: to create demand and support sales with limited resources. TME was founded in 2003 to provide marketing and creative depth for tech firms whose solutions improve the flow of business and support specific industries.

Today, our Remote Marketing Cubicle™ supports cloud applications, IT services, hardware and devices, life science providers and manufacturers, government agencies, and professional associations.

Our understanding of b2b sales processes sets us apart. We know proper interpretation of value propositions and goals is imperative; the ability to optimize budgets, content, resources, and time-to-market is critical.


TME’s best practices come from executing firsthand, not just offering big ideas. Skills, expertise, and results define us, but our marketing efficiency strengthens customer relationships.


Technology to life sciences, our clients have brand recognition in their markets:


Jim Tagliaferri

Founder, Strategic Marketing Advisor

Sarah Godoy

Director, Project Management

Greg Wisneski

Director, Creative Services

We are content creators, disciplined project leaders, and creative thinkers. TME’s full team includes: brand and positioning strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, web designers and developers, event planners, SEM/SEO experts, PR and social media specialists, and video producers.