Marketing management engagement


Attract. Convert. Nurture.

Engage us as your all-inclusive marketing department or to complement your internal resources. We execute integrated marketing plans that proactively stimulate interest and capture leads at the top of the sales funnel, then motivate prospects along the buyer journey. Tactics can include campaigns, e-mail, trade shows, private events, 3rd party eMarketing, SEO, social, and PR.


Content Marketing Programs

We convert your client stories into awareness. Create visibility bureaus for your industry experts. Deploy webinars. Build and manage websites. Setup marketing automation. Our collaborative, take-charge approach also feeds marketing channels with white papers, buyer guides, blog posts, articles submissions, keywords, sales collateral, product demos, videos, and infographics.


Expert Advisory Services

Add a productive voice at your table. Engage one or more of our experts to offer proven best practices. Our digital and offline marketing methods are tightly aligned to the sales process. We convene internally each week to share what’s working with B2B audiences, including tech buyers. These cumulative insights allow us to be nimble and refine strategies that benefit all clients.


Web Design for Lead Capture

Many try to win design contests. We command your content to architect and build user-centric websites that support marketing strategies with provocative messages and calls to action. A great look is a given, delivering corporate sites, event microsites, blogs, and campaign landing pages. We also help software developers improve user experiences for their innovations.

Why tech firms partner with us?

Dedicated Marketing Manager

A hands-on marketing manager becomes your day-to-day asset and voice at the table that works across your organization. With command of your content, they craft your message, generate demand, and support sales.

Diverse Creative Team

Marketing execution is supported by our skilled team—brand and positioning strategists, copywriters, web and graphic designers, SEO and social media experts, event coordinators, PR specialists, and video producers.

Ongoing Sales Alignment

We establish a solid foundation for lead management and reporting and a tight communication loop to share intelligence from the field, capture customer successes, strengthen marketing, and define the best sales tools.

Realistic Expectations

Don’t do what you can’t measure. With every program we recommend, we anticipate specific outcomes. We measure and report to you regularly to track campaign performance and suggest possible refinements, if needed.

Corporate-Side Perspectives

Having spent years at companies large and small, we know proper interpretation of value propositions and goals is imperative; the ability to optimize budgets, content, resources, and time-to-market is critical.

Fixed Monthly Fee

You gain a dedicated marketing manager and diverse creative team for the cost of one employee at a fixed monthly fee, based on an affordable engagement, without corporate expenditures, overhead, or payroll.